Our company

Who we are..

4Piupower AB is Swedish Supply and Services Company, The company has its own resources and trading experience. 4Piupower Co has positioned itself to become one of the best companies the supplier of choice to Arabs industries by being a distributor of many internationally recognized industrial manufacturers of tools and equipment.

Our Company together with our Business partners , We service the needs of key industrial sectors including but not limited to : Generating Power plants Services exact we Provide spare parts for power plants With Logistic Services like :  Maintenance and Installation services , Petrochemicals, Desalination Services, Tools & Equipment, Constructions Materials, Solar Energy, Wind Power, Seafood, Food commodities, all kind of Agricultural Fertilizers (Urea ,DAP, NPK,Ammonium Nitrate, Potassium chloride and  products of refrigerants, Packaging film  etc..

In addition, We specialize in supplying all kinds of Fire Fighting Equipment and Fire Fighting Delivery Hose following with Logistic Services It is a regular recipient of Export Excellence Awards for exporting the products to countries of the middle east (Gulf Corporation Council, Yemen, Egypt, Sudan, etc.. )

How Do We Operate?
We specialize in the origination and delivery of our products and add value at each stage of the supply chain. 4Piupower Co either operates as a commission agent negotiating ‘make-to-order’ contracts between customer and supplier or we import products directly for supply or re-export as a door-to-door solution for our customers.

Our customers are wholesale distributors and downstream manufacturers challenged to ‘keep up’ with the rapid domestic and regional expansion in the building materials sector, We currently serve many of repeat customers in more than 15 countries.

 Our Products

Our products are sourced directly from world-class manufacturers representing strong brands. It ensures product quality and reliability of supply.


Our Services

Customers outsource their logistics to 4Piupower partially or in full, to bridge temporary capacity constraints in their own operations.


 Our Suppliers

We have successfully introduced many manufacturers and their product lines to the Middle East region, resulting in sustainable growth in volumes and market share.